5 Best Eyelashes Brand in Pakistan

5 Best Eyelashes Brand in Pakistan



Layesha, is the most recommended brand for false mink eyelashes. Working in this market since 2017, the brand has flourished extravagantly in a shorter span of time. 

Widely known for focusing on not only good looks but also fabricating the beauty of inner-self. Selling 3D mink lashes made out of original mink fur that is comfortable for all eye-shapes and re-usable for up to 25 times.

Considering our cultural diversity in Pakistan, their eyelashes are a perfect fit for all types of looks at affordable prices. That's why layesha is one of the best eyelashes brand in Pakistan. 

Layesha eyelashes are widely expanding throughout the country, with over 70K followers on Instagram and around 35K followers on Facebook. 

Visit our pages mentioned below to have a wider look on Layesha and their products.

Instagram:  Instagram.com/layesha.cosmetics/

Facebook: Facebook.com/Layesha.Lashes/

Website:  https://layesha.com/


One of the initial beauty brands to present premium mink lashes in Pakistan. Zhoosh provides you a diverse range of mink lashes that can be used from everyday wear to weddings. 

Treat yourself with the sleek packaging and friendly using mink eyelashes. Zhoosh is a preferred catch as it provides tools like Lash Wand and Lash Glue to make your life easier.

For more information, visit,

Instagram: Instagram.com/zhooshmeup/

Facebook: Facebook.com/zhooshmeup

Website:  zhooshmeup.com/


Best synthetic and mink eyelashes to give you the perfect look you’re expecting. Get the volumized look with lighter weight making it easy to style in different ways. 

Conatural provides a variety of false lashes made up of human hair and mink fur. Make your choice and buy their super affordable lashes according to your price ranges now.

Instagram: Instagram.com/conatural/

Facebook: Facebook.com/conaturalintl

Website: https://conaturalintl.com/

A’mrij Cosmetics Eyelashes

A local brand started with the objective to provide premium mink and horse hair eyelashes. 

Their lashes are for sure worth your investment as they can be re-used for 25 times and gives perfect definition to your eyes. 

Worried about looking fake? Don’t worry, their lashes give you much more realistic look for all occasions without looking too extra.

Instagram: Instagram.com/amrijcosmetics/

Facebook: Facebook.com/amrijcosmetics

Get yours now on,  https://amrij.pk/


A new project started by Fatima Irfan Sheikh, a renowned make-up blogger. Having vast experience in this market, she introduced light weight faux mink eyelashes in the market. 

Her eyelashes are a no worry product making life easier for regular eye-lash users. Unique but easy to carry packaging makes it easy to carry the product. 

lGet your hands on their high quality lashes now!

Instagram: Instagram.com/glossips/

Facebook: Facebook.com/GlossipsOfficial

Website: https://www.glossips.com/