Lash Out Loud with False Eyelash Extensions

Lash Out Loud with False Eyelash Extensions

You say it or not, but you dream of those thicker, bigger and curvy lashes. These days there are a number of ways to add glam to your look. So choosing and applying flawless lashes can give you that complete look. These false eyelash extensions are designed to uplift and intensify the look of your eyes. Layesha has earned its name in the market because of maximum customer support and trust.


Layesha Lashes

Layesha took a year to analyse the customers’ choice and bring quality products in the market as per desired. It has a variety of lashes for every look. Introducing the items for your Formal gatherings, Wedding nights, Party days, Festivities or Your Make-up tutorials. 

Layesha gives you that enchanting glamour you were dreaming of. 


Why Do You Need False Eyelash Extensions?

This is an era of glamour, style and fashion. Girls are more about balancing the glitzy side of their style. All they need is a perfect and unique look for occasions. 


False Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad

Layesha lashes have a series of different styles with promising quality that come in varying degrees of density, length and enrichment. The well known salons and famous influencers love the quality of layesha lashes. A shop stop where you can also buy eyelashes in bulk.


Rumors about False Eyelash Extensions

Don't worry about the tittle-tattle of false eyelash extensions. People who are not used to carrying fake eyelash extensions may guide you wrong. Some of the rumors about false eyelashes are:

  • Unhealthy for original/natural eyelashes
  • False lashes can cause irritation or allergy
  • Can’t be used multiple times
  • Very difficult to apply


Layesha Falsify the Rumors

The quality of layesha lashes speaks for itself and it falsifies the rumors about false eyelash extensions. 

  • The material of layesha lashes is cottony soft so there is no harm to your original/natural lashes.
  • No irritation or allergy because the material of layesha lashes can’t trap dust in it. Also the Layesha lashes and their glues are tried and tested on every type of skin. 
  • Layesha lashes can be used countless times if you use them gently and with proper care.
  • Layesha says that you are a pro in applying lashes, if you have quality glue and practice wearing them at least twice before the big day.