10 Top Pakistani Celebrities with STUNNING False Lashes


Which Eyelashes Do Celebrities Use? 


What’s the big secret behind every celebrity’s beautiful, long lashes? From Sajal Aly to Hania Aamir, it’s all about eyelash extensions. None of our stars is afraid of showing off their glamorous lashes in public. For most women, wearing false lashes is part of their everyday makeup routine. 


If you follow Pakistani celebrities, you will know that their false lashes are what everyone is talking about. Makeup artists are trying to recreate their looks, and influencers are jumping on the bandwagon of applying false lashes every day too. 


Our favourite celebrities have experimented with every look, from strip lashes to faux mink fur lashes. If you’re trying to find more about what Eyelash styles these celebrities use, you have come to the right place as we will explore the lashes Lollywood uses!


10. Sajal Aly

Sajal is known for her minimalist yet stunning makeup looks. With perfectly blended eyeshadow colours, Sajal likes opting for medium-length false lashes that compliment her face structure. 


You’ll always see Sajal sporting a pair of her favourite false lashes. Sometimes, you might not even notice that she’s wearing false eyelashes since they are so lightweight and blend perfectly with her look. Sajal also likes to add a thin eyeliner with her false lashes to make it look more natural and blended. 





9. Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz likes to experiment with her looks, and we truly love that about her. She often chooses heavy lashes with subtle makeup and her favourite nude lipstick. For Iqra, long and curled false eyelashes are the top-pick. 


You’ll often see her pair these false lashes with some kohl on her waterline, which further enhances the eye makeup without looking too bold. To copy Iqra Aziz’s look, all you need to do is follow your everyday makeup routine and add a pair of heavy false lashes to finish the look. 





8. Maya Ali

It will never be too apparent that Maya Ali is wearing false lashes. That’s simply because this top celebrity prefers keeping her makeup looks lowkey with minimalistic false lashes. Maya Ali likes to keep things traditional and straightforward, even with heavy makeup. Instead of heavy lashes, Maya only wears a lightweight pair to add more depth to her beautiful eyes. 


Even when Maya Ali goes for bridal campaigns, it is rare to ever see her in a pair of heavy false lashes. You can opt for a couple of light false lashes that aren’t too prominent on your face to steal her look. 





7. Alizeh Shah

Ever since she debuted on Ehd-e-Wafa, Alizeh Shah has been known as the stunning newcomer in the film and TV industry. Alizeh isn’t afraid of experimenting with her looks, whether her makeup or her hair. On most occasions, Alizeh is seen with a pair of heavy faux mink fur lashes. She likes to enhance her eyes with makeup, so you’ll always see white eyeliner on her waterline. 


If you want to make, your eyes pop on any fancy event, follow in Alizeh Shah’s footsteps and opt for heavy lashes with a little bit of white eyeliner on the lower lash line. You can trust us when we say that your eyes will be enough to attract everyone’s attention. 





6. Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan has always been one to keep things classy and traditional. Along with her stunning long hair, Ayeza’s makeup looks are always minimalistic and never too bold. Even on campaign shoots, Ayeza likes to keep her makeup simple. 


Being the embodiment of elegance, Ayeza Khan opts for the classic false eyelashes that are thin from the middle and heavy towards the edge. Not only do these false lashes enhance her eyes, but they also give a more natural appearance to her makeup. 





5. Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat never settles for the ordinary, so it only makes sense for her makeup to look as unique as she is. Pairing perfectly with her personality, Mehwish loves picking out a bold, heavy pair of false lashes. You’ll always notice her eyes stealing the spotlight in every of her photo, especially since she opts for the most stunning pair of false eyelashes. 


When Mehwish wears false lashes over her naturally stunning eyelashes, the result is what you see in the picture above. Not only do her lashes always blend perfectly with her eyes, but they create an attractive appearance that nobody can ignore. To get the same look as Mehwish, you can opt for a pair of heavy faux mink fur lashes and pair it with some kohl liner on the waterline. 





4. Sadaf Kanwal

Being a top model in Pakistan, Sadaf Kanwal always stays ahead of all the trending makeup looks. In her recent shoots, you’ll see Sadaf wearing a pair of lightweight and long false lashes which is exactly what’s trending worldwide. 


Even with heavy makeup and bright eyeshadows, Sadaf prefers the most natural false lashes to keep her look balanced. After all, anything would look stunning with the defined cheekbones that Sadaf has. 





3. Sonya Hussayn

Sonya Hussayn might just be our favorite celebrity when it comes to picking out the right pair of false lashes. Always dressed to the occasion, Sonya is confident enough to always choose heavy faux mink fur lashes to complete her look. 


Whether headed out for a casual dinner or doing a bridal campaign, Sonya knows how to maintain the perfect balance between heavy makeup and natural beauty. To steal her look, opt for a pair of false lashes that cover your entire lash line. Don’t forget to pair it with some traditional kohl liner on the waterline and a smokey eye look. 





2. Mahira Khan

Everyone loves how natural Mahira Khan’s makeup looks are. Even when you would think she’s not wearing any false lashes, the chances are that she’s wearing highly lightweight ones. 


Mahira has never been a fan of too much makeup. To add a little depth to her looks, Mahira opts for the minimalistic and straightforward false lashes that are barely prominent. 





1. Hania Aamir

Sometimes, you’ll see Hania Amir being completely candid on her Instagram stories with no makeup. Other times, the top celebrity loves creating unique makeup looks that leave all her fans in awe. 


On an occasion when Hania Amir opts for a full face of heavy makeup, you’ll always see her with a pair of long false lashes to compliment her natural eyelashes. Hania loves wearing the classic winged liner with her faux mink lashes to enhance the appearance further.