Founded in 2017

The story of Layesha

Beauty is not just about looks; it's about self-expression. Since true beauty has no boundaries, we strive to create various products that make our customers express their style with confidence. 

In 2017, the team behind LAYESHA Lashes strived to create a brand for Pakistani women who want to wear high-quality false lashes. Each pair of false eyelashes by LAYESHA is curated to suit the local beauty standards in mind– enhancing the features and beautifying the user's appearance. 

With LAYESHA Lashes, we want our customers to feel free to express their personalities. Our range of false lashes are available in a variety of different designs, so our customers have the freedom to choose one that suits them the best. 

About Our Brand

As a brand, LAYESHA Lashes focuses on sustainability and environmental sensitivity. Less waste material is created with our reusable false eyelashes that users can wear up to 25 times. Each pair of false lashes is created using environmentally friendly methods with the latest technology. 

Our brand vision is to provide an impressive range of Premium Quality False Lashes for women in Pakistan at an affordable price range. With LAYESHA, our customers don't have to worry about low-quality lashes that only have a single-wear lifetime or get expensive lash extensions from their local salons. LAYESHA strives to bring luxury to your home, where you have the freedom to wear any type of false minx lashes that you prefer. 

Pakistani at Heart

LAYESHA aspires to become the top choice for women across Pakistan. Our false Mink Fur lashes follow the brand values of cultural diversity – making them suitable for everyone in the country. While other brands follow Western cosmetics standards, LAYESHA is a brand, especially for Pakistani women looking for a local brand to rely on. 

With 15+ designs on our website catalogue, we ensure that every woman can find something that suits their style. Each pair of lashes is created individually, with attention to detail being our top priority.

Pakistani at heart, LAYESHA Lashes is in pursuit of style, safety, and expression. All our lashes are effortless to apply, making them the top choice for women and makeup artists across the country.